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Completed Projects: Capital Markets, Fund Raising & Financing

Reverse Take-Over:

Regal International Group is a Malaysian real estate developer. It is listed on the mainboard of the Singapore Exchange, via a reverse takeover (RTO) of metallic precision manufacturer Hisaka Holdings.

The acquisition by Hisaka Holdings of the entire issued and paid-up share capital of Regal International for a consideration of S$127.3 million is satisfied fully by a combination of cash payment and the issue and allotment of shares.

Cresco Investments was the arranger for this RTO, and this transaction was successfully completed.



Public Fund Raising – Rights Issue:

Cresco Investments have extensive experience in assisting companies in fund raising activities.

Rights Cum Warrants Issue:
We assisted in the fund raising for AA Group Holdings Ltd through the issuance of Rights cum Warrants issue. A total of S$9.6 million was raised through the Rights issuance and another S$11.5 million through the Warrants when exercised.

Rights Issue:
We assisted in the fund raising for Sincap Group Limited through the issuance of Rights shares. A total of S$3.8 million was raised through this exercise.



Placement of New Ordinary Shares:

Cresco Investments have successfully arranged placements of new ordinary shares and fund raising for various companies.

Communication Design International Limited:
Communication Design International Limited (now known as Imperium Crown Limited) completed a Placement of Shares exercise and raised a total of S$3.5 million. Cresco Investments arranged the entire transaction and even took a position in this exercise

Sincap Group Limited:
Sincap Group Limited completed a placement of 350 million new ordinary shares. A total of S$6.3 million was raised during this placement exercise. The entire transaction was arranged by Cresco Investments.


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