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Completed Projects: Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Mandatory General Offer:

Jacks International Limited is an investment holding company listed on the mainboard of the Singapore Exchange which owns the Nature’s Farm business (a health and health supplement business). Following the acquisition of shares from the majority shareholder, Creative Elite Holdings Limited held approximately 66.08% of all the total issued shares of Jacks International Limited.

As a result of the Acquisition and in accordance with Rule 14 of the Code and Section 139 of the SFA, Creative Elite Holdings Limited made a General Offer to acquire the remaining shares, being all the shares (other than treasury shares) not already owned, controlled or agreed to be acquired.

This entire transaction (the sale and purchase and the General Offer) was arranged by Cresco Investments.

General Offer – Take Over:

Communication Design International (“CDI”) is an international marketing and communications company listed on the Catalist board of the Singapore Exchange offering project management services. LPW Investments Pte. Ltd. (“LPW”) is an investment holding company.

CDI completed a Placement of Shares exercise and raised a total of S$3.5 million. Cresco Investments arranged the entire transaction and through Cresco Investments, LPW acquired the 117,563,675 issued and paid-up ordinary shares in CDI for a cash consideration of S$9,992,912, being S$0.085 per share through a voluntary conditional cash offer.


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